First working prototype

I finally managed to get the full, first working prototype. I am typing with it right now. Here is the picture:


And a video walkthrough of the current state:

First typing impressions

I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and here are my current impressions:

  • The escape key definitely needs a stepped keycap. I accidentally pressed Esc too many times already. I am, however, getting used to it quite quickly.
  • The costar stabilisers are very unpleasant. They make a very metallic high-pitched noise and the feedback on the key is quite unpleasant. They also tend to stick on rare occasions. I’ll have to go with Cherry next time.
  • I am not feeling a lot of difference on the 2.75 spacebars, but I definitely use more the right side. This is strange because in the kinesis I tend to use both of them equally. At least so I think. I’ll check tomorrow.
  • The short Shifts are not a good idea. They feel very unnatural and I think I’ll have to revert to a traditional shift, losing two additional keys I really wanted to have. The Kinesis also has a short shift on the right side, but it’s padded left, not right, and has a shoulder.
  • Next time I’ll use DSA profile. The reason is that DCS profiles are way less reusable, considering that you have to honor both the length and the shape.
  • The support screws are too close to the Enter key and the Esc key. I’ll have to move them.

Next steps

Due to COVID, I lacked access to the makespace for many, many months. This has put a damp on my enthusiasm and, most importantly, I had no access to the fundamental tools I needed to keep the project going. I spent some time thinking about the current state of the project, and I decided to start from scratch. I learned a lot from the prototype but now it’s time to treasure the experience and start again with a more sensible design.