Why is most science programming done in fortran?

I found this interesting question in the referral logs. Why is most science programming done in Fortran (77 or 95)?

After some thought, I can fill the following reasons:

There are for sure many other reasons, but I won't go further.

Let's see instead why and when Fortran should not be used. My head goes to python for most comparison:

This is just out of the top of my head, and I am sure there is a lot more. In any case, Fortran 2003 seems to alleviate most of the problems outlined above. In particular, it will have object oriented programming, and function/subroutine pointers. A considerable step forward.

Please note that I wasn't a Fortran fan, but with time I became tolerant to it. It should be used sparingly and only where the need exist, or if a real reason exists: use high level programming languages with good expressivity first, such as Python. Then eventually optimize where needed, sometimes with a drop of Fortran, but only if you really, really (yes, I mean really) need it.