Suppose you have to perform tests. Lots of tests. Functional tests, where each test could take a lot of time. Suppose also that

  • you don't want to wait three days until your tests are done
  • you have a massively parallel architecture available
  • you are using python unittest framework
  • you enjoy colors

What would you do?

You install testoob. This thing is life-changing, believe me. So, let's see an example. Suppose you have this test:

import unittest
import time
class MyTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def testFoo(self):
    def testBar(self): 

if __name__ == '__main__':

If you run it, the whole testcase will take 8 seconds.

Ran 2 tests in 8.000s


But if you install testoob, now you have a nice executable

stefano$ testoob 
Ran 2 tests in 8.001s

Here is the magic: run it with the option --threads=2 and the result is served in just 5 seconds:

stefano$ testoob --threads=2 
Ran 2 tests in 5.001s

Ok, but what about the colors? Well, I like the testing suites that print out something green for every successful test. testoob does it, so it brings way more fun and enjoyment!

Testoob does a lot more. If you feel limited by the current unittest module, you should definitely consider to take a look at testoob.