If you program in Fortran on the Mac, you might meet this odd problem. You have a module test.f90 containing nothing but public variables

module Test
    implicit none
    integer :: value
end module

and a program

program main
    use Test
    implicit none

    value = 5
    print *, value
end program

If you try and compile as follows, you have no problems

ifort -c test.f90
ifort -c main.f90
ifort main.o test.o

However, if you package the test.o in a test.a static library

ar cru test.a test.o
ranlib test.a
ifort main.o test.a

You will get an undefined symbol error for the value symbol. What gives? Well, the problem has to do with how ranlib on Mac works. You have two solutions to this problem:

  • either you add a module procedure to the test module
  • or you use ranlib -c instead of plain ranlib.

I thank Drew McCormack for figuring this out and going back to post the solution.