2.1.11 View-aware Model


This unconventional pattern breaks a fundamental rule of MVC: rather than having the View get data from the Model, the Model acts on the View to populate it, by pushing its data through the View interface.

A View-aware Model can be seen as a combination of two patterns: ModelController and Passive View. It is a pattern of limited
practical use, but can be useful to recognise.


The Model holds a reference to the View. When a Model change occurs, it directly calls the View’s specific method to change its visual aspect.

This design comes with a hefty price of dependency of the Model towards the View’s interface. The consequence is that driving multiple Views with different interfaces becomes cumbersome. This price can be mitigated by having a generic interface that abstracts individual View’s differences: the Model knows this generic interface and invokes its methods. Different Views implement it and handle the call into appropriate action on their widgets.